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64th Annual ISBA Awards Banquet: July 26th, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
It's awards time again for the Idaho State Broadcasters!  We welcome all members and non-members to show off your past years work in the 64th Annual Best in Broadcasting Awards.  Winning an award not only makes a bold statement to your peers, but it also is an important part of helping your entire sales team to "boast" about the ipmact and reach your station has.  We all know what affect that has!  So join in as we open our call for entries and count down to July 26 in Sun Valley for a fun night of entertainment, friends and applause at the 64th Annual ISBA "Best in Broadcasting" Awards.
Click here for this years brochure
ISBA Pac Auction

More fun...huge buys...and a great team builder.  It's the ISBA PAC Auction.  Help your state association in its efforts to increase awareness of our issues with the Idaho State Legislators.  Either by donating a great product, service or attendance to an event...or by bidding and winning one or several of the great items up for auction, you help the ISBA to continue it's work in the state of Idaho on behalf of free broadcasting.


Donations are being accepted from now until the just before the beginning of the on-line auction, March 28th.  Actual bidding will be open April 1st through April 4th.  The auction will be held on-line right here and bidding will be fast and fierce.  So "clean out your closet" and donate as much as you want to the auction.  Then come back during the bidding time and go for winning something you just absolutely want.  It's fun, it's done right from your desktop or laptop and it all goes for a great cause.


  • DONATE: Click here to donate a product, service or event.  Items can be donated up until March 28th

  • AUCTION: Click here starting Monday, March 24th to preview the items.  Bidding starts Tuesday, April 1st and continues through April 4th 5PM MST

Getting Your Message Out Through the NCSA Program PDF Print E-mail

If you are a non-profit or state agency and want to get your message across in a more organized manner, the NCSA program might be the answer.

Organizations that operate in the public interest, i.e. non-profits and state agencies who have a message that must be seen and heard in an organized manner can ask to participate in our NCSA program.

Under this program, a non-profit or government agency funds the ISBA to distribute their material. In return, the agency receives advertising time donated by the Idaho broadcasters.

The pre-produced spots for both radio and TV are delivered to the ISBA office. They are then distributed to every commercial radio and TV station with a request that they be used in the station’s regular advertising time slots (usually 1/3 in prime time) for the duration of the campaign.

More about NCSA
Welcome to the ISBA PDF Print E-mail

Our Commitment to this Great Program: To enhance and insure the high professional standards and economic growth of the Radio and Television industry in the state of Idaho through education opportunities, effective political forum and public service.  We are located at 1674 W. Hill Rd., Ste. 3, Boise, ID  83702.  Contacts: 208 345-3072, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program PDF Print E-mail
Dear Fellow Broadcasters:
The enclosed information will give you a pretty good idea of the FCC endorsed Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).  As Connie has indicated to you, your participation is completely voluntary.  The only stations that will be identified to the Commission are those that have passed the inspection, and have been sent their Certificate of Compliance.
In an effort to use both your time, and the time of the ABIP Inspectors in the most efficient manner, the ABIP inspections will be conducted by area or city. That is to say, that when a station schedules an inspection in a particular area or city, the Inspector will attempt to schedule as many inspections in that same general area as possible.
ABIP inspections, as a rule do not take a great deal of time, but it is important that the participating stations are prepared for the inspections, and are cooperative with the inspectors.
Click here for the ABIP Inspection Agreement or use the menu on the left.  If you have any questions that have not been addressed and answered with this document, please do not hesitate to call me at  (503) 443-2299.
Best regards,
Bill Johnstone
President & CEO
Oregon Association of Broadcasters
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